Brent Mayr and Richard Esper Obtain the Lone Acquittals for Clients Charged as Part of Zeta Drug Cartel Money Laundering Scheme

Brent Mayr and Richard Esper obtained the lone acquittals for their individual clients in the high-profile Zeta Drug Cartel Money Laundering Case involving the American Quarter Horse Racing industry. Both clients were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and alleged to have worked with Zeta drug cartel associates in purchasing and training quarter horses to race throughout the country. Five defendants – including the clients represented by Brent Mayr and Richard Esper – proceeded to trial in the Western District of Texas, Austin Division. Brent Mayr convinced the jury to hand down the lone acquittal in the trial for his client. Although Richard Esper’s client was convicted and sentenced to 8 years in federal prison, Richard Esper continued his fight on appeal and successfully convinced the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the conviction and order that his client be acquitted due to legally insufficient evidence.