White Collar Crimes

White collar criminal defense has become a specialty in and of itself within criminal defense. It can involve defense against a variety of offenses involving fraud, deceit, or illegal transactions and primarily have a financial motivation. They include criminal activities such as public corruption, bank fraud and embezzlement, money laundering, fraud against the government, corporate fraud, securities and commodities fraud, mortgage fraud, and health care fraud.

Whereas defense against a crime like murder or sexual assault requires a thorough investigation of and familiarity with witnesses and investigation techniques, white collar crimes are typically “paper-intensive” requiring large amounts of time and effort to review documents including bank records and other financial documents. They also involve complex legal issues that include protected privacy rights, knowledge of complex and difficult-to-find regulations.

A good white collar criminal defense attorney is one who not only has the skills to go through volumes of evidence to learn about the alleged conduct and identify the legal issues, but also has the strength and tenacity to fight in court.

Brent Mayr, Paul Schiffer, and Richard Esper are all experienced and knowledgeable white collar criminal defense attorneys. Not only have they represented individuals under investigation for and charged with a variety of white collar crimes, they each have stood in a courtroom before a jury and fought for their client’s acquittals. If you or a loved one are facing a white collar crime, contact Brent Mayr, Paul Schiffer, or Richard Esper at 855-NT-GILTY (855-684-4589) to speak with them personally regarding your case.