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Brent Mayr, Paul Schiffer, and Richard Esper are federal criminal defense attorneys and considered to be among the best in Texas. Combined, the three of them have over 80 years of legal experience and have obtained numerous acquittals and dismissals for their clients. Each one maintains their own separate practice and law firms but work in conjunction with one another to insure the very best representation to each individual client. Whether it is a federal drug conspiracy case in West Texas, a white collar investigation in Houston, or a Medicare fraud case in Dallas, Brent Mayr, Paul Schiffer, and Richard Esper have handled cases all over Texas and the United States and are available to handle all federal criminal cases anywhere and everywhere.

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Local Authorities Form Working Group to Fight Hurricane Harvey-Related Illegal Activity

The Department of Justice announced today that representatives from numerous federal and state law enforcement agencies have formed a working group to investigate and prosecute illegal activity related to Hurricane Harvey. The working group will involve all levels of...

Brent Mayr Speaks at Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Seminar on Cross Examination of Cooperating Witnesses

Brent Mayr recently spoke at the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association's continuing legal education seminar, Cross Examination, in Dallas, Texas on the topic of Cross Examination of Cooperating Witnesses. Cooperating witnesses are often used as a large component...

United States Attorney General Orders Tougher Federal Drug Prosecutions

Earlier this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to seek the maximum punishment for drug offenses in one of the clearest breaks yet from the policies of the Justice Department under the Obama administration. The move was seen as an abrupt...

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